Holiday Hyperventilation

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Holiday Hyperventilation setting in already? Have an impossibly large gift list but really aren’t interested in adding to Jeff Bezo’s status as a Trillionaire? Missed a meeting at work and got “volunteered” for organizing the office party? Let the Paradise Cafe simplify your season, quell your anxieties, and make you the most popular and organized member of your peers.

Your gift list problems can be solved with our annual Paradise Cafe Gift Certificate Special. For every $50, you get a $15 bonus coupon that you can redeem for yourself later! Who says you can’t give and receive? You can purchase certificates in person or by calling 805-962-4416.

Planning an office, family or friend gathering? A Paradise bar party is the best event you never planned… Give us a call to set up a casual event with our special appetizer offerings for larger parties.

We’ll stop short of stuffing your turkey or decorating your tree, but holiday events at the Paradise are great ways to celebrate your loved one’s homecomings and take a brief respite from the three month’s worth of laundry your collegiate offspring presented you with. So come join us this holiday season and celebrate your season in Paradise!