April 3, 2017

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The Paradise Cafe has long been known as “The Quintessential Santa Barbara Restaurant”.  Located one block of the main hub of State Street, the cafe is in a century-plus aged building adjacent to a trellis covered garden patio. All grilled items are prepared over the City’s first live oak grill, and speak as tribute to our regional tradition of flavorful meats and seafood, accompanied by amazing local wines.  Santa Barbara is a world renown architectural and aesthetic setting, but any local resident would tell you that no visit is complete without a stop at the Paradise.  The building dates back to 1915, making it one of the few structures downtown to survive the 1925 earthquake, and has elements that depict the art deco era of the early 20th century.  The upstairs dining rooms serve as a gallery for the originals of some of our local artists such as Hank Pitcher, Michael Drury, Ray Strong and selected others.

Some have quipped that “if the world ended tomorrow, Santa Barbara wouldn’t even know it for 10 years…”  Here at Paradise, we don’t actually dwell in the past, but savor a very pleasant present.  Come join us to experience a little of Santa Barbara’s true flavor, and find out what generations of Santa Barbarans have known for four decades…